JLONG™ is a 40 Amp, J1772-compatible extension cable that maintains all functional and safety protocols of the J1772 charging system.

JLong™ is the perfect companion for the Jesla™. It gets you charged when the inevitable happens: you encounter a blocked EV charging station; you need a little more cable to reach Uncle Joe’s Dryer outlet; or a guest blocked your home charger. GET the JLong™ and get charged!

Our second generation JLong, has a custom handle (see photo) built of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and TIG welded. It is powder coated with a special “grip” feature and is laser etched with our logo.

We use a special 8 conductor cable assembly built to our unique specification for maximum flexibility and light weight.The entire assembly will be good for up to 40 amps. All power conductors are professionally crimped to military and aerospace specifications..

We don’t use alloy aluminum handles, custom cables and mil-spec professional crimps (amongst many other features) because it’s cheap. We do it because it’s the best.

Our new price with all these features is now $299.00 for 20 feet. Each additional foot is $5. Yes, more expensive than the competition, but you get what you pay for.

If somebody were to run over your JLong in the parking lot, there’s a good chance that the host J1772 plug will be destroyed and your JLong just might still be usable.

Item #: JL40A
JLONG™ – 40 Amp, J1772 extension cable
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